Friday 1 November 2013

Electro-luminescent wire for HO scale

I've ordered some electro-luminescent wire which I will bend into the shapes of letters to make more quasi-neon lights for my Parisian night scene: eg the "Harry's Bar" sign below.

The wire is 1.3mm thick,comes in 10cm lengths and is pretty inexpensive. But, because the coated copper wire is highly sensitive it's not possible to wire them up to standard power packs. You have to purchase a specialised little power pack called, for some reason, a "driver" which operates off a single AAA battery. They cost £6 each - one for each length of wire.

Electro luminescent wire
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The Oldham Tinkers
But later tonight, off to see Madlib at the SWG3 in Glasgow.

Last night's dinner:

Squid, scallops and mushrooms and pepper in tomato sauce.

I bought the pepper and mushrooms from an organic outlet in Glasgow's West End. The mushrooms were certainly grubby enough to look as if they were organic.

Which reminded me of a funny sketch in BBC's comedy programme, "The Fast Show" in which a chap is at the supermarket checkout with his free range eggs and the girl at the till says to him:

"Free range? You know they're just ordinary eggs with shit smeared on them."

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Because of his sexuality, Lionel Blue had a miserable adolescence. But however terrible he felt he remembered  his relatives who had died in the gas chambers in Germany and Poland and that thought always brought him back from the brink of suicide.

He then says, "The same strategy helped me years later in hospital. However ill I was, there was always one patient in the ward worse off than me."

This line of reasoning reminded me of a very funny folk song that I heard performed in Kirkintilloch Folk Club in the late 1960s.

The singer, a Glaswegian, referring to this line of reasoning, dedicated his next song to that very person ie the person who actually was the worst-off person in the world. What, he asked, did you say to him to stop him feeling sorry for himself????


Cycled around the Tinto area of Lanarkshire today.


Said hello to some local members of the world of animals.

First a horse:

 Then a badger:

Then my dinner:

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