Thursday 28 November 2013

Using Heat-Shrink on electro-luminescent wire

Spent a bit of time tidying up my pseudo-neon "Bar" sign.

First of all, I trimmed the plastic base and then cut the end off one of the elecro-luminescent wires.

Despite the fact that these electro-luminescent wires are powered from a teeny AAA battery, you can get a hell of a shock if you touch the exposed end of one of them. (Experience speaking here.)

So, back out with the rubber tubing ie heat-shrink to cover up the two exposed ends.

Then, out with the hair drier to shrink the tubing around the wires. (See Miscellany below.)

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Continuing with the Samba brain-washing; hence Cartola in the background.

Learned that the Samba tempo is basically 2/4 and approx 105 beats per minute.

Last night's dinner:

Salmon stuffed with crab mousse, spinach plus rice
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Really enjoying Lermontov
But, totally rejected this -  hysterical and far too sentimental.


Over the last 12 months I've used heat-shrink tubing a lot.

One thing that has always intrigued me about the process is that there seems little rhyme or reason as to where best to direct the hair drier. I presumed that the closer the heat-shrink tube was to the centre of the vent on the drier, the hotter. But that rarely seemed to be the case and often a separate piece of heat shrink on the periphery of the flow of air would shrink more quickly than the piece one was aiming the drier at.

Same experience this morning:

What I discovered, by placing my hand successively at points 1, 2 and 3 was that point 2 was the hottest ie approx 12 cm away from the vent. Point 1 was quite cool and 3 obviously cooler than 2.

I'm sure females learn these facts at school.

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