Friday 22 November 2013

HO Scale Neon Signs

Made another attempt at fashioning a neon sign from electro-luminescent wire; this time the word, "Bar".

Cut a section of clear plastic from a hand wash bottle, punched some holes in it and threaded the electro-luminescent wire through the holes.

Not the finished article yet, but you can see the potential - the wires are being held in place by a mug of tea while I take the photographs!

Currently listening to:

Malcom Martineau (piano) and Florian Boesch (baritone) on BBC Radio 3 iPlayer perform "The Miller's Song" from Glasgow - a performance we actually attended at the time but which is being broadcast again this week.

Martineau and Boesch

Last night's dinner:

From the freezer - chicken thighs in a mustard sauce plus rice

Currently reading:

Can't help comparing Isherwood's book with that of Robert Irwin's which I read 2 years ago - the latter is more powerful.


A coincidence:

Only yesterday I was thinking about a nurse who cared for my father when he was very ill  in Stobhill Hospital about 6 years ago. Each day she cycled 11 miles from home to Stobhill.

Met her this morning - she's still cycling.


  1. The cycling nurse is from Texas and funnily enough I remember where I was when JFK was shot 50 years ago today in Dallas, Texas in the Kirkintilloch Town Hall with Dad at a Co-op furniture and TV exhibition when we heard the news, I doubt we bought anything though.

  2. That really is a coincidence.