Sunday 17 November 2013

Electro-luminescent wires and HO scale scenery

Yesterday I was exploring what could be done with these 10cm electro-luminescent wires that I recently purchased.

The arrow is electro-luminescent, the signs are LED.
There is a splice which one can add to the little AAA powerpack so as to power up to 6 wires. Well, I've only got 3 wires available at the moment. But one can see the potential.

So, perhaps I can construct a more complex sign than a mere arrow.

Currently listening to:

A compilation of Welsh choirs (mixed) singing great hymns.
Welsh choral music affects me greatly.
Last night's dinner:

Chicken thighs in mustard sauce, spinach and rice

Currently Reading:

Gave Lionel Blue another go - definitely fed up with him.

The idea behind the book is excellent: basically an account of Lionel Blue's multifarious religious experiences and indeed life experiences and how, in a completely open-minded way, he has stolen/borrowed/been inspired by each of them in his life-long quest to achieve spiritual wisdom (and hence reach heaven). But now I find the book to be repetitive - and humourless.


A marvellous afternoon cycling up the western side of Loch Lomond.

Took the bikes to Luss

Tanned this section *.


* Sorry, I meant "Went along".

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