Sunday 24 November 2013

IKEA LED lights continued.

Stretched the string of IKEA lights along a wire frame that will fit around the pink ceramic Boulevard Haussmann building and illuminate the area under the canopies.

Made a bit of a hash of this task but I'll have another go later in the week.

Pink ceramic building and canopies
Lights attached to the wire frame
Not quite right.
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Last night's dinner:

Cod and chips from the Wee Kelpie
All told, a fantastically enjoyable evening in Helensburgh yesterday.

Still reading:

Getting slightly fed up with this book but almost finished and I have learned quite a lot from it about approaches to the spiritual life.


Spent much of the day being an 'extra' in the making of an Independent Film. I was a jury member and the council chamber of Glasgow City Council was the venue - some building. Full of admiration for those involved in making a film - painstaking.


  1. How did you find out about being an extra?

    1. I was asked by someone. Just a one-off, but found it a fascinating experience.

    2. Just wondered if you auditioned, though I don't know if you would for an extra, no disrespect to the experience.

  2. Non-speaking part - just had to look disdainful!