Saturday 30 November 2013

Ineffectual Superglue

Never come across this before - Superglue that simply did not set nor stick. Even after 3 hours it was still wet!!!!!

Somewhat frustrating, but carried out some preparatory tasks re permanent installation of the illuminated signs that will form my HO scale night-club street.

At present, the signs are affixed with blu tac directly to the wall and the wires are showing.

The aim is to use plastic ducting to conceal the wiring and support the signs.

The wiring will run through the ducting and then emerge each time a sign requires it.

 Other than cutting the apertures in the ducting, achieved very little today.

Currently listening to:

Sergio Mendes, Brazilian, and still going  at 72 years of age.
Continuing with my Samba indoctrination, so sampled this CD on the iTunes' Preview facility. I have to say that Sergio Mendes is far too much like "Easy Listening", my most loathed form of music after Heavy Metal.

So, I'm going to ditch Mendes and see what French Samba music is available on iTunes eg

Last night's dinner:

Quiche, baked potato and salad.
Currently Reading:

I've stopped reading Lermantov. It's brilliantly written but the narrator keeps stopping on his journeys through truly spectacular Russian terrain in order to recount mythical tales told to him by various characters he meets. I have no time for myths and legends.

So, back to the 21st Century with this book set in modern day urban India.


Glad to see that the Royal Mail is still issuing postage stamps with a genuine Christmas theme.

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