Saturday 9 November 2013

JEP Nord Express - spare part

The JEP Nord Express body component arrived from France today.

I'm extremely impressed with the detail of the pressing - it's made of metal. Not much I can do with it for now except ogle at it.

A reminder of a whole locomotive:

And the real thing:

The plan is to adapt another HO scale locomotive with a wheel formation of 2-3-2 (4-6-4 in British money) by replacing its body with my newly acquired JEP body part.

Why? Because the now defunct JEP locomotives were designed to run on 3 rails and would be monstrously difficult to adapt to 2-rail operation.

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Azealia Banks
Last night's dinner:

Mince Round with baked beans
Which reminds me of that joke:

Customer: "Can I have a Mince Round?"

Butcher: "You can walk around any way you like."

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The most powerful book I've ever read.

An absolutely fantastic evening at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow last night, with my sister and brother-in-law.

The place was jumping, (I noticed).

Waiting for the show to begin.

It was a Tamla Motown tribute night.

A) The performers were excellent.

B) The crowd went wild.

C) One can only view with awe, the achievement  that is Tamla Motown. Last night, 36 songs were performed (a couple were not actually Tamla Motown songs, I noticed) from the Tamla catalogue and that represents only a fraction of its output. Truly amazing.

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