Monday 18 November 2013

More thoughts on pre-fabricated lighting gantry

Last week I'd planned to use brass tubes as uprights through which wires that powered the various LEDs and electro-luminescent wires would pass. The tubes would also serve to physically support the lights and their signs by being embedded in a horizontal section of wood. 

However, the wires would not fit through the tubes. Instead of buying wider diameter tubes I decided to get rectangular sectioned brass tubes.

I'll position these against the wall of the building in between the columns of windows and disguise them as roan pipes.

The wooden cross-member will still be involved (see top two pictures) but located in between the ground and first floors of the wall.

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Haddock under grated cheese, asparagus and boiled potatoes.
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And finding very informative.

But gave up this book after reading the first few lines - not at all to my taste.


Came across these photographs of model layouts of Blackpool trams - impressive. Always had a soft spot for Blackpool.

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