Sunday 3 November 2013

Slogging away at the infrastructure

Spent much of the day a) completing the wooden support for the layout's new extension and b) completing the wiring for the Tortoise motor which will change the final set of points that was installed yesterday.

Only another two tasks left on this front: a) positioning the Tortoise motor precisely under the set of points - a dead fiddly operation and b) completing the laying of the single track up to the wall.

Any wiring connections were covered in short lengths of rubber tubing "heatshrink" which tightens around the joint when heat is applied thus insulating them.

The final set of points in position

Just a sample of the wiring under the baseboard for this one set of points.

The Tortoise points motor - not yet installed.
The wooden extension completed.
Will put down final length of single track tomorrow.
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I love Orbital - especially their so-called "Blue Album".

Last night's dinner:

Supermarket Chicken Curry and boiled rice.
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When asked why I feel such a strong attraction towards France, I never come up with a convincing answer - it's too "subtle".

But Lionel Blue gives a similar kind of answer that I would give to that question if I was as articulate as he is. This is an extract from his autobiography as to why he loves Holland.

As I say, "similar".

Lionel Blue

Attended Mass at St Peter's, Partick, this morning. The Parish Priest had gathered the children down the front of the packed church and told the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector. At the end he asked the children if they had any questions:

"Yes, what time does the cafe open?" piped up one child.

Pugin designed St Peter's.

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