Monday 25 November 2013

Trying not to make a hash of something.

The drawback of using off-the-peg solutions eg the recently acquired IKEA Christmas lights, for my railway layout is, not unexpectedly, that they do not exactly fit the situation and thus require modification.

The intention was to string the IKEA lights along a wire frame that was shaped to fit around the walls of one of the buildings on the layout and so illuminate the space beneath its canopies.

But, frankly, there is too much spare wire in between the individual lights that needs to be wrapped or folded away.

You can see 2 of the lights dangling between the canopies.

So, decided to wrap the spare wire around the frame with masking tape; and just made an utter mess.

An utter mess.
So, drew a line under the exercise and will think again. I mustn't accept low standards simply to get something finished quickly.

The value of thinking something through and, indeed, planning generally cannot be over-estimated. Unfortunately, I have spent the last 5 decades doing exactly that. But not for any longer!!!!!!

Watch this space.

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I have been alternating between these two CDs recently. High energy electronic music is how I would describe them.

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John Dorey, scallops and shallots/peppers in tomato sauce
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Inching my way towards a conclusion
Despite my declining enthusiasm for this book, there is usually a telling aphorism from Isherwood's Guru on most pages.

Yesterday, I read this entry from Isherwood's diary:

"He (the Guru) told me, 'Whenever you think of God, he thinks of you."


Philosophy class tonight and I will be telling the tutor (and indeed the other 4 members of the class) that I won't be tackling the class essay - it's only optional anyway.

My reasoning is that my interests have changed as a result of attending the class. The class is called, "An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind", but I now realise that my interests lie in the notion of substances, essences and properties. Until I can get a firm grip on these concepts and their inter-relations my attempt at the essay would be half-baked and insincere and I don't want to waste time on insincerity. I'll continue to attend the class because I enjoy it, the young lecturer is excellent and listening to the lectures will give me a sense of the topic's landscape.

Name this philosopher.

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