Saturday 16 November 2013

HO scale mock neon signs from electro-luminescent wires

Made a mock-up neon sign (an arrow) from a 10cm length of electro-luminescent wire powered by its AAA battery.

A reminder of what this electro-luminescent wire looks like.

Using the black plastic packaging from a large pizza, I punctured 4 holes to outline an arrow. And then threaded through the holes a 10cm length of electro-luminescent wire.

Pizza packaging with the wire threaded through.

Checking that it works.

 Cut it out and stuck it into position with blu tac.

It does flash, by the way.
Requires some finessing - probably will find a firmer replacement for the pizza packaging with is a pretty soft plastic.

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Beatles For Sale
Last night's dinner:

Pizza, artichokes, anchovies, tomatoes and grated cheddar cheese (had to heave it onto the plate.)
Finished at last:

What a book! Just found out that Chaim Potok is himself a Rabbi and an accomplished painter.


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