Thursday 21 November 2013

I have a small head: the proof

Zero time or inclination for railway today, so here are some posters about French Railways.

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Continuing with my regime of listening to the Samba artist, Cartola, so as to imbibe Samba rhythms and hopefully become a more natural player of the bongos.

Cartola, aged 11.
Last night's dinner:

Consumed at Piatto Verde in Edinburgh - a really tiny Italian restaurant - just a shop really.


Spaghetti Bolognaise
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Cycled over the Clyde and across the confluence of the M74, M77 and the M8. Never got away from a view of the Clyde Port Authority crane at Finnieston.

Sorry about the traffic lights

Reflection in glass wall of building

From the top of a bridge crossing the M74/M8/M77

The tarmacadam confluence.
And the proof that I have a small head; I was quite taken aback.

Whenever I stop on these urban cycle excursions and a pedestrian (or pedestrians) passes, you can bet that you'll hear East European languages being spoken. The shadow below was speaking on her mobile phone - actually, she also had quite a small head.

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