Wednesday 6 November 2013

Laying HO Scale Track

Pinned down the track extension.

As before I elected to fix down the track with little black panel pins through the sleepers  - approx 1 pin every 15cm but more frequently where the track bends.

First one has to drill a little hole through the plastic sleeper with a wonderful implement called a pin vice drill. This is basically a hand turned micro drill.

You would think that using this would be a fiddly operation but in fact it is effortless.

Before that one uses a tracksetta to ensure that the track is straight - basically a length of steel that fits between the rails.

And then drill the holes.

And then hammer in the pins.

Painted the cork underlay white and the surround a murky purple.

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From 1980, the absolutely peerless "There goes Concorde again" by And the Native Hipsters.

Last night's dinner:

Kidney and pepper risotto plus dried porcini

Soaking the porcini - used the liquid for stock in the risotto
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Academics of the 1950s looked helluva like each other:

B F Skinner

Hilary Putnam

Gilbert Ryle

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