Thursday 7 November 2013

Electro-luminescent wire

The electro-luminescent wires arrived the other day.

The intention is to use them to make HO scale neon lights for a Parisian night scene.


Not sure what this would be in French:

The wire comes in 10 cm lengths that I'm hoping to bend and so spell out various signs. Each wire is powered from its own AAA battery.

There is a flashing facility.

Currently listening to:

Like lots of other people, I first heard this record in 1981 when played just before midnight on John Peel's "Top Gear"; his final record of the night.

It was one of those records that made the world stop turning - utterly original and completely compelling. Still is.

Last night's dinner:

Wild Sea Bass and courgettes in tomato sauce.
Still reading:

Every page has at least one observation on life that I agree with or stimulates my thoughts.

For example, on p185 he says that he is one of those people who have to travel to a different place to facilitate spiritual development. The key phrase is "one of those people". He is not implying that it is only by travelling or going on a pilgrimage that one can achieve enlightenment, but rather that, experience has demonstrated that for him it is true.


Christmas is coming:

A knitted Nativity is the first prize in a Raffle at St Paul's Parish Church, Whiteinch.

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