Sunday 8 December 2013

Essex - summary

Many highlights from this visit - will begin with model railway related ones.

Visited a pottery at Barleylands, near Billericay, called Hazle's Pottery Barn. They produce a huge array of ceramic model buildings similar in tone to those on my layout. Also, they are more or less built to HO scale ie 1/87.

Although they are based on English buildings, they can, I believe be adapted to a French situation. I purchased two but they have yet to be customised to my French requirements, as it were.

Firstly, a theatre:

Instead of the words "Royal Theatre etc ......... ", Hazle will customise it to "L'Opera de National de la Rive".

Secondly, a church tower which has a French feel to it - in my opinion.

The Union Jack will be replaced with a generic Coat of Arms.

Probably take a couple of weeks to be completed and posted up to Glasgow.

Here are a couple of other buildings Hazle make - they produce dozens of different designs.

And here is a link to their website:

Currently listening to:

On Blackberry (plus earphones) whilst away listened to:

Clifford Curzon playing Schubert.

Several Essex meals - didn't photo all.

From an Italian restaurant:

Mozzarella, avocado and tomato

Seafood risotto

Made by my sister - just one of several excellent dishes.

Penne plus roasted veg.

At Harry's Tapas Bar:

Harry's was mobbed.

The place to be in Billericay

Fried chicken livers

Roasted artichokes

Sun-dried tomatoes

Reading matter:

My brother-in-law gave me two excellent text books that are relevant to my philosophy of mind studies - both Open University publications.


Another highlight was cycling around the Essex countryside that surrounds Billericay whilst my brother-in-law jogged. Just managed to keep up with him.

Left Glasgow Airport in cold and windy sunshine


A pink house

A new build mock-Tudor

Another pink house

Hunners o' leaves

Hunners 'n' thoosans o' leaves

Stansted Airport on way back

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  1. Lovely selection of photos, sounds as though your trip was successful.