Tuesday 24 December 2013

"Funny", I thought, "funny!"

All 4 street signs in position and wired up.

Honestly, the actual effect is much more impressive than the photographs suggest; capturing electrical illumination is difficult with a phone camera.

The "Hotel" and "Club" signs flash on and off - "Hotel" sign was off in this photo.

Currently listening to:

Still drawn to the Soundcloud website and the Optimo record label artists that are available there.

Especially, Golden Teacher and their "Dante and Pilgrim" and "Like a Hawk".

Golden Teacher
Last night's dinner:

Mr India's Balti and Dosa House, Hyndland Street, Glasgow

Vegetable pakora
Chicken Pasanda
"Funny," I thought, "funny!"

Cycled in the wind and rain to the library to borrow some more Christopher Isherwood novels only to find that they had all been taken out, despite the fact that there were loads of copies on the shelves last week. "Funny," I thought, "funny!"

The librarian was equally mystified.

So, instead got these ones out:

Two of the three are set in cafes - Moderato Cantabile and Quiet Days in Clichy - and, since I like cafes, I chose them on that basis.

"Funny," I thought, "funny!"

Wizard of Oz - Glasgow style
Last night, thoroughly enjoyed the annual pantomime at Cottier's Theatre in the West End of Glasgow. The performances were fantastic BUT I would have liked more coherence to the story. Maybe that's just me.

The strong point of Cottier's pantomimes is that they are NOT smutty. I loathe "smut" and that is what most pantomimes seem to specialise in these days.

Cottier's theatre is a very flexible space. They host all sorts of events from pantos to string quartets.

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