Friday 20 December 2013

Super-glued the first street sign into position.

After much fiddling and pressing into position the vertical length of white plastic ducting which acts as the support for the "Hotel" sign, the super-glue seems to have set. As a result, the ducting should now be permanently attached to the wall of the building whilst allowing the wiring to be pulled out if one of the two light bulbs behind the sign ever needs changing.

Might tone down the white of the ducting at some point with a wash of acrylic paint.

Whilst checking that the wiring to the sign had successfully protruded beneath the baseboard, I was impressed by the sight of all the wiring that had been installed in order to power the actual railway tracks themselves. I presume that I must have done this; or have some elves been paying a visit each night when I've been asleep? Since 4 years ago my wife and I slept soundly through the night whilst the downstairs rooms of our house were ransacked, it wouldn't surprise me.

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Cycled to the Monorail record store in Glasgow today and bought two second-hand CDS (£1.99 and £2.99 respectively).

Also called in on Project Ability, in the Trongate, to buy some Christmas presents. They have an exhibition on until 6th January 2014 showing paintings by adults with learning difficulties.

The Project's building in the Trongate is beautifully converted. I was really taken by the way they allowed this long window to look onto the wall of an adjoining building - the window was thus a work of art in itself.

Cycled home along the side of the Clyde where some spring-cleaning was in progress.

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Turbot, sprouts and black pudding
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Still trying to see the relevance of Turing machines as an analogy for understanding the mind-body problem.



Not many helpful maracas tutorials on youTube!

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