Tuesday 31 December 2013

Some reflections on the year gone by.

Actually, this past year a fair amount has been achieved on the model railway layout.

January 2013
31st December 2013

Listened to in 2013:

Discovering this French Internet radio station with its non-stop playing of electronic lounge music has been a continual source of pleasure.

The old favourites of:

Hot Chip
Teenage Fanclub
Missy Elliot
The new favourites of:

Golden Teacher
Factory Floor
And the compilations of:

Best concerts:

Performing in a small town square in France - highlight of the year.

Both Eels concerts
Rosy Crucifixion supporting The Fall
Tamla Motown Tribute at the Theatre Royal
Florian Boesch and Malcolm Martineau performing The Miller's Song at the Royal Conservatoire
Last night's dinner:

A good tip from Clement Freud is to marinade beef (or whatever) in a plastic bag - means you need less marinade.

Beef stew and 2 veg
Ambition for 2014 is to pot roast a chunk of beef a la Clement Freud ie at a very high heat for a very short time. Freud says that you have to be brave to try this; it won't do any harm to try it once.

Meal of the year:

Most enjoyable books of the year:

The only book I've ever read on a Kindle


3 unexpected joys of the past 12 months:


My bongos


A great aperitif



Today I stopped this fellow cyclist to take a photograph of the reflection of his jacket on the wet cycle path. Not only did he oblige but he suggested that he should turn back and then cycle past me so that I could get a shot on the move.

Those end of year reflections.

Then went to the 1pm Mass at St Mary's RC Cathedral in Clyde Street.

Peter Howson's painting of St John Ogilvie

The sun came out on the way back.


  1. My resolution to use a new pressure cooker I acquired, would be good to try and cook a large piece of meat in, very hot and quick!

  2. hi uncle tony jack here happy new year. this morning I went to rhu marina and jumped into the freezing water with my dad. found it had to breath so had to get some help from the lifeguard but very glad I done it. see you both soon. jack