Friday 13 December 2013

Superglue Gel ................... reservations

Not sure that superglue is appropriate for applying to the recycled plastic from which my "Bar" sign is made. It states on the packaging that the glue is not suitable for polypropylene or polythene or waxy looking plastics. I suspect that this particular piece of recycled plastic falls into at least one of those forbidden categories.

Anyway, I used crocodile clips to clamp the sign to the section of white plastic ducting that will act as both structural support and conduit for the wires powering the sign.

I'm going to leave things untouched until tonight to give plenty of time for the setting process - will report back tomorrow.

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A continuous selection of tracks from various artists on the Optimo Soundcloud.

Last night's dinner:

Smoked salmon, prawns mayonnaise and salad.

Currently reading:

Got several books from the library yesterday, but the only one that seemed worth reading was this collection of novellas by Samuel Beckett.

Quite the most brilliant prose I have ever read. Unfortunately, I deplore the subject matter, so abandoned it.

Took some stuff to a local charity shop this morning and browsed their book shelves. Picked up two books for 50p each. Now that's all I'm willing to pay for a 2nd hand book.

Began with the Naipaul and it seems very promising.

Too many charity shops charge high street prices for 2nd hand books. In fact, such shops are almost indistinguishable from commercial high street shops.

However, Emmaus in Dumbarton Road keeps the old-fashioned/shabby/Dickensian feel that I like - that's where I got the books.


Started off in the pouring rain.

Finished in the glorious sunshine.
In the process spotted the first of the cranes at Govan shipyards to be dismantled.

These will be next.

Home to a lunch of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

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