Sunday 22 December 2013

Super-glued the third street sign into position.

Same method as before, the wires of the "Club" sign go down through the white plastic ducting and then through a drilled hole in the baseboard where they will eventually be connected to a power supply. Super-glue was used to attach the ducting to the wall of the building.

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Loads of different Optimo record label artists on Soundcloud.

Last night's dinner:

Kidneys, peas and cous-cous.
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I don't seem to be finding much time to read at the moment - only 2 or 3 pages a day. But still enjoying:


Felt slightly down in the dumps and so, in the wind and rain, went on a random cycle around Glasgow. Felt hugely more animated afterwards.

A recently decapitated crane at Govan Shipbuilders
Half a mile upstream at Finnieston, I think this crane still functions

I wonder if that's true.

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