Saturday 28 December 2013

LED lighting strips for HO Scale scenery

Some time ago I purchased a strip of LED lights that I think is intended to illuminate the interior of HO scale railway carriages.

I'm going to use it to light up the underneath of the canopy in my night club scene.

Currently listening to and indeed have just purchased from iTunes:

Which is a compilation of 26 Samba songs performed by various respected practitioners of the genre.

This is all bongo-related, of course.

Last night's dinner:

I must say, the Shenaz Indian restaurant in Glasgow, excelled itself last night and such a consistently civilised place to visit.

Their motto is "One visit means many" which once a friend rather cruelly interpreted to be a reference to an upset stomach afterwards.

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry and boiled rice.
Currently reading:

Various online articles about the Ramsey-Lewis method.


as a functionalist model of the mind.

So far, totally unconvinced by it - but, I must be wrong.


Cycled around the West End of Glasgow on various errands this morning.

University Ave approaching Gibson Street.

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