Monday 2 December 2013

Thinking hurts!

I've been under the impression that the challenging part of making this lighting gantry would be its assembly and all the little technical and manual skills involved in that process.

But, in fact, the hard part is thinking out how to manufacture the gantry and the designing of it.

There is a two way process between having a rough design for the gantry and then finding that the design cannot be assembled. And then back to the drawing board and having another go at it.

So far most of my designs have been in my head and then they have been translated into some reality. There has been no paper and pencil stage.

Mostly the two stages of designing in my head and executing that design have melted into one process - designing on the hoof.

For example, how will I attach the Hotel sign (made from a milk carton lid) to the ducting that will carry the wires for its lighting. Glue on its own wouldn't do so I incorporated a bent section of brass rod.

I'll develop this idea further tomorrow.

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I was shocked to discover today that out of my 6,314 items on iTunes (which represents 20.2 days of continuous listening) I don't have a single song by Terence Trent d'Arby.

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John Dorey

Spanish black sausage (made with rice)

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Far too exclusively a love story.


Philosophy class tonight - significance of Turing Machines for understanding mental causality.

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