Friday 27 December 2013

Fitting light reflector to "Hotel" sign

The "Hotel" sign made from the green circular lid of a milk carton was open at the back and so light escaped from it and lit up the wall behind it - see pictures below for this to make sense.

So, today I attached a circle of cooking foil to the back of the lid to form a reflector.

Not sure whether this was a good thing or not!

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So far, I have done very little in the way of "mucking about with" or "exploring" my bongos. My custom has been to spend approx 35 minutes per day practising the routines provided by my tutor almost always accompanying the Samba music of Cartola.

However, most musicians recommend a degree of "mucking about with" and "exploring" one's instrument, and for many reasons. (Too tired to articulate what those reasons are but in my bones I think such experimentation is probably a good learning tool.)

So, in addition to my daily routines - which I am scared to abandon even for a day - I have also been finding time to accompany the highly percussive music of "Golden Teacher". Usually, these sessions have consisted of my adapting Samba patterns to Golden Teacher's less syncopated but more incessant rhythms.

Here's the link to the appropriate Soundcloud web page.

Last night's dinner:

Sea Bass under a red pepper sauce, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

Currently reading:

Back to the philosophy of mind with a vengeance eg today's lunch.

And have finished Henry Miller's filthy but brilliant:

The book is a brilliant evocation of mid-20th Century Paris and the writing is stunning. But, there is very little characterisation compared, say, with that in another American book, Ask the Dust, by John Fante.

I've just discovered that Ask the Dust was made into a film:

I wonder if it's any good.


The weather has been far too windy for me to go out on the bike today and I must say that as a result I feel quite maffe.

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