Tuesday 10 December 2013

Golden Teacher

Broke a tiny wire leading to one of the electro-luminescent wires of the mock neon "Bar" sign.

Will it be possible to solder a replacement on to it? I've tried to indicate with the point of a pencil where the breakage is. No time to attempt a repair today.

Was looking through some very old holiday photographs yesterday and came across this view of two roofed towers in Toledo.

Perhaps that explains where my idea came from for this similarly roofed ceramic building on my layout.

Currently listening to:

Some of Golden Teacher
I've become quite addicted to this Glasgow combo who release records on Optimo.

Have been playing almost on a loop, "Like a Hawk"

And just as avidly, "Dante and Pilgrim".

The latter reminds me slightly of the electronic German duo from the 1980s, Deutsch Amerikanishe Freundschaft:

Last night's dinner:

Stovies, beetroot, broccoli and carrots
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Back to Jaegwon Kim:

Trying very hard to get to grips with Turing machines and their potential as a model for the mind.

This downloaded image saves me explaining who he was.

Bongo lessons progressing very nicely and I'm considering investing in a pair of maracas.

They vary in price on Amazon from:



This is the effect I'll be striving for:

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