Tuesday 17 December 2013

Slight change of approach re lighting gantry

Whilst lying in bed last night decided to ditch the idea of a gantry for the night time street signs.

I think the horizontal length of ducting will spoil the lines of the ceramic building to which it will be strapped.

Instead, each sign will have its own vertical length of ducting to support it and to house the wires leading up to it.

Had a pretty exhausting (but satisfying) day so I only got so far with installing the hotel sign using this approach.

Will have to glue the upright ducting to the building.
The wires go down the ducting and through a hole in the baseboard.

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SOUNDCLOUD: the fantastic free internet record site.


It seems to be based in Berlin and it is free to upload 20 tracks to and free to download what seems like an infinity of tracks. Not sure how it makes any money but there are websites which discuss the issue.


Today's discoveries:

Gluteus Maximus from Iceland

Last night's dinner:

There was a two for £5 offer on curries in Spar last night. Because these cheap supermarket curries are, in my experience, pretty puny on the quantity front, I decided to eat both of them.

Really enjoyed them but on this occasion one packet would have been quite adequate.

Today's lunch:

My Spanish friend Pablo is a fantastic cook and he prepared  a Spanish omelette for our lunch today.


Sliced potatoes, onions and eggs

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Had my first maracas lesson today: very difficult and will require a lot of practice to get a feel for how the beads move around the inside of the bulbs. But, I think it's going to work out OK.

When I purchased my pair yesterday, the chap in the shop said that there had been a run on them because of  the popularity of this DVD.

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  1. What a coincidence we had Sainsburys ready meal curries (2 for) last night, one was a korma (mine) and the other a tikka, to make it healthy also added courgettes and had a garlic nann each too.