Tuesday 7 October 2014

A Productive Visit to Kelvingrove Art Galleries, Glasgow.

On a whim we visited the local art galleries this afternoon. This resulted in four positive outcomes for the railway.

1) I took some photos of Parisian paintings which will help when I come to re-do the backdrop to the layout.

2) A close up of the top picture suggests how the pavements I painted on the layout yesterday could be livened up.

3) This bronze statue of a boy standing in a gale has curved lines etched all over it to suggest the presence of the wind.

This confirms me in my use of such markings painted on the roads of my layout to suggest the movement of traffic. (See second from last photo below.)

4) I purchased this cheap model of an obelisk in the gallery shop.

Might place it somewhere else.

Place de La Concorde.
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Last night's dinner:

Another recipe from this book.

Sicilian broccoli, with leeks and anchovies

And lamb chops.
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Sample seems OK so downloaded the book to the Kindle for £3.59.

Drumming practice update:

Excellent session with my regular drum tutor this morning; one of the last before he goes to Belize for 6 weeks to run drumming tutorials there.


New regime at the Tuesday class tonight - a 2 hour session combining beginners and intermediates. Will I survive?


  1. If you find yourself back there anytime soon any chance you could pick me up a couple of those obelisks? Bargain and look okay for 28mm usage :-) otherwise have to remember next time we're up! Railway looks good, enjoying keeping up with your progress. Stuart

    1. No problem, Stuart, I'll get you two and post them down.