Saturday 25 October 2014

HO scale street lighting plinth cont.

Found a strip of wood which is ideal from which to manufacture the pavement outside the Gare du Nord facade; the pavement will then serve to hold the row of 6 street lights.

A couple of gaps had to be cut to accommodate 2 of the facade pillars.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain

What I hadn't realised was that when Bobby Gillespie was the drummer, he couldn't play with his feet at the same time as his hands and so their distinctive sound was actually based on just a snare and a tom-tom and not a full kit.

Bobby Gillespie
Naturally, I find this sort of info encouraging from a drumming point of view. In other words, an effective drumming sound can be created with minimal co-ordination and minimal equipment.

Last night's dinner:

Fish suppers at Helensburgh to celebrate my sister's birthday.

Forgot to take photograph but they were excellent.

Drumming practice update:

Very enjoyable Samba drumming session this morning at the Old School House, Glasgow.


Identified the source of a linguistic puzzlement this morning.

I read the following passage (from my online Logic course) and was, as I say, puzzled.

As for arguments, just remember the connection between an argument and the logical character of its conditional analogue to see how to apply truth-trees to the analysis of arguments. These considerations are true, but don't establish the connection between the syntactic considerations and the semantic interpretation rigorously enough. We will come back to this quite important issue at the end of this section.

It was the underlined sentence that threw me. It seemed ungrammatical and perverse.

The source of my confusion was that I read the phrase "but don't establish" as a command. My reaction was, as a result, a query: "why shouldn't I try to establish a connection between the syntactic and the semantic?"

Of course, the author was not using the phrase as a command but in a constative sense ie to convey a matter of fact.

The reason I thought he was using the phrase as a command was that in the previous sentence he used the phrase "just remember" as a command. Therefore my mind was primed for commands and hence I mis-interpreted his sense of the phrase, "but don't establish".

I must look out for that sequence of events occurring in a passage: it reflects the difference between the performative and the constative use of words as outlined by the academic J L Austin.

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