Friday 3 October 2014

Sound proofing.

Spent much of my spare time today trying to soundproof my Caixa drum - see below.

So no time for railway.

Here are some pictures from a Toy auction in France - all HO scale rolling stock and mostly by the defunct French manufacturer, JEP.

Hornby stuff (I've a couple of these in the attic) - the whole lot went for only £60!!!!

Manufacturer is A S.

Currently listening to:

What a futuristic piece of music this was.

Last night's dinner:

Bath Street, Glasgow - 2 courses for £12.99

Chicken liver pate.


Hope Street, Glasgow, on way to bus.
Still reading:

Drumming practice update:

A really challenging and interesting session with my Caixa tutor yesterday. He seems keen to continue with the lessons.

Determined to practise more but the drum needs further sound proofing in order to do that. So I spent the morning doing the following:

Stripped down the drum.

Raquet grip felt.

Lined inside the shell of the drum.

Cut a circular wad of bubble wrap to go next to the skin.

Dozens of plastic carrier bags.

Lined base with felt.

I also stuffed some shirts, a T-shirt and an old bed sheet inside the drum.

Result? Off to the DIY store this evening to look for some sound proofing material.


  1. Al that stuffing does it not affect the sound quality, do you get good vibrations (like the Beach Boys).

  2. Vibrations certainly. Not sure if they're any good though.