Friday 24 October 2014

Installing HO scale street lights.

Because the wires emanating from the street lights are so "fine" ie fiddly and fragile, I don't fancy soldering all their connections from underneath the baseboard.

Since I intend having a strip of pavement running along the front of the station facade, I thought that the pavement could double up as a wooden plinth to which the lights and their wiring could be attached.

Something like this.

The lights

The facade

Currently listening to:

More or less listening to the last 20 minutes of this General Ludd mix on a loop; really uplifting.

Last night's dinner:

'Twas a home made Lasagne from the freezer which I forgot to photo.

By the way, although bags of wine are usually slated (with justification), I think this is quite a good one from Marks and Spencers.

Currently reading:

Giving this another chance - but I've skipped a few chapters.

Drumming practice update:

Nothing for it but to return to basics and keep practising.

I actually find these corny cartoons to be quite encouraging.

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