Tuesday 14 October 2014

Quite pleased.

Quite pleased with the way the buildings are progressing. I think they are beginning to fit together, to look of a piece.

With cardboard covering backdrop.

Cover removed.

Currently listening to:

Haven't played this for a while.
Last night's dinner:

Bought a new bottle of Creme de Cassis, this time from Marks and Spencers.

And had the greatest difficulty getting the stopper out.

John Dorey, scallops and avocado in tomato sauce.
Currently reading:

Michael Palin was very friendly with George Harrison.

George was a bit of a mystic and Palin quotes him after a visit to his house.

"We have always been here and always will be here."

I believe that.

Drumming practice update:

An hour this morning with regular tutor and 2 hours tonight at the Tuesday night Samba class.

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