Wednesday 1 October 2014

Yet one more step along the world I go.

More roof work:

The objective.

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Aphex Twin - Lisbon Acid
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Chicken Chow Mein - not from usual take-away.

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41/2 years to go.
Drumming practice update:

Everyone agreed that last night's Samba drumming class was very successful. Some of the folk who play the repiques are absolutely sensational.

One lad "admitted" that he had been practising during the week and he was allowed to start things off - we all applauded him afterwards.

The repiques do not have a snare wire across the skin, are narrower but deeper than a Caixa and are usually played with two bendy plastic sticks.


I was in a situation yesterday when I had to sit and wait for ages. So, to pass the time I read some internet articles on my phone about why the 4/4 time rhythm seems so natural to us all.

A good theory, I thought, was that because human's are bipeds, their walking has a natural binary (multiple of two) rhythm. Someone else suggested that infants in the womb get used to the two footed walking of their mothers and this inculcates a binary sense of rhythm.

But then someone else mentioned that in other cultures (where mothers probably do a hell of a lot more walking with their kids in the womb) the default timings tend to be 6/8 or other even more complicated rhythms.

I don't really know enough about the appropriateness of the fractions chosen to represent musical rhythm to come to any conclusion, but I do notice that the denominator of musical fractions does tend to be an even number eg 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and so on.

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