Tuesday 28 October 2014

Frizinghall Model Railways

I was thumbing through some fairly ancient editions of the magazine, "Continental Model Railways". They hail from 1986. I didn't buy them at that point, my interest in model railways being only three years old. I bought a batch of them second hand at a Model Railway Exhibition in Rutherglen Town Hall a few years ago.

Rutherglen Town Hall

At the bottom of one of the pages of classified ads is one for Frizinghall Model Railways in Bradford - outlined in red pen.

Well Frizinghall Model Railways is still going, and yesterday, 28 years after their ad appeared in the above magazine, I received through the post 6 pairs of HO scale street lights.

The lights will be dotted around the front of the card buildings.

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An hour long mix of electronic music selected by Golden Teacher.

Last night's dinner:

Wee Lochan, Broomhill, Glasgow

Actually, I was a bit disappointed with my meal at this restaurant last night - it's usually excellent. Maybe they have a stand-in chef on a Monday night.

Pigeon breasts, black pudding and lentils

Halibut - very chewy.
Every restaurant can have an off-day.


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Very quickly, this book has become too silly.
The search goes on for something good to read.


Drumming practice update:

Cycled passed the Kelvingrove Art Galleries on my way to a solo drumming session in the peace and quiet of the rooms above the Old School House Pub in Glasgow's West End.

Samba Class tonight - 2 hours of noise.

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