Thursday 9 October 2014

More Lego adjustments

Now that the Obelisk has appeared on the scene, a kind of new kid on the block, the Lego wall of the Theatre looks far too 'white' to me. I'm going to experiment over the weekend with either a blue or a red or a blue/red replacement. Sounds unpromising but often the unpromising turns out to be just the ticket.

Too 'white'.
Hope I can find enough bricks.

Still listening to:

Last night's dinner:

Lasagne    -    sub-standard
Still reading:

Gone a bit boring.
Drumming practice update:

I've decided that the best way to dampen the sound of a drum is to cover the skin - in my case with towels. No use for intricate practice but good to practise the all important swing of the arms.

A proper dampening pad is supposed to be arriving tomorrow.


Last night went to the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.

To see this play:

Left at half time.


  1. The obelisk looks best in front of the station with the trees breaking up it's presence, I don't think it looks good standing on it's own, in my opinion it sticks out like a sore thumb.