Wednesday 15 October 2014

Nothing to read.

Shuffled around some of the street furniture on the layout viz the obelisk and the outdoor bistro tables.

Probably the best position.

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Amadou et Mariam
Last night's dinner:

God help me!
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Although I found these diaries pretty light-weight and unrevealing - a modern defensiveness - I'll miss them because I now have nothing to read. The Alec Guiness Diaries that Palin recommended are not available on the Kindle.

Drumming practice update:

Hugely enjoyable 2 hour session at the Samba drumming class last night.

Equally enjoyable and challenging and satisfying 1-to-1 lesson with Roddy the Samba tutor this afternoon.

There are so many facets to playing a snare drum/Caixa - so many things to master. Presumably that's true of all instruments, even the triangle.