Monday 20 October 2014

Biggar part 2.

Did more work on the pavements around the Theatre and street restaurant in preparation for installing the street lights.

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Everything I have on iTunes by the Glasgow electronic musician, Alex Smoke.

Last night's dinner:

Before dashing out to work, consumed a pie and beans.

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Karen Armstrong
Drumming practice update:

Continuing with "up -stroke" practice, practice, practice.

Miscellany 1:

On Saturday we went to Biggar to see Andy Fairweather Low playing in the Municipal Halls there.

Andy is on the left.

A really great atmosphere in the hall and actually a really enjoyable evening. But, I have to say I was bored by much of the performance - all those plodding blues numbers, they all sound the same to me.

Things came to life when he sang his old Amen Corner hits and his solo hit "Wide-eyed and legless". His voice has lost none of its distinctiveness nor its Welsh quality.

Miscellany 2:

The countryside around Biggar

Miscellany 3:

The following morning I went to Mass at St Isidore's RC Church in Biggar - an unusual place of worship.

Basically a converted stone villa.

Steep driveway

Not sure what this room would have been originally

Van Gogh-like stained glass windows.

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  1. Sounds an interesting time in Biggar and the photos tell a story.