Friday 17 October 2014

Why do Jews rock back and fore when reading Holy Scripture?

Ordered 6 pairs of HO scale street gas lamps from Frizinghall Models.

Out of stock at present so will have to wait for a few weeks.

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General Ludd.
Last night's dinner:

Disappointing Lemon Sole

Superb Leek gratin.

Partial success.
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Here's a quotation:

"Jews immerse themselves in the Bible and the Talmud not simply to gain information; they see the text as a place where they can encounter the ineffable God. Sometimes they like to speak the Hebrew words aloud, savoring the words that God himself used when he revealed himself to Moses on Mount Sinai, until they have learned them "by heart" (a revealing phrase). They sometimes sway backwards and forwards while they recite the Hebrew words, as though they were blown by the breath of the Holy Spirit, pliable before God as a flame before a breeze. Occasionally, they get a sense of Something greater that lies behind and within the words but defies explanation."

Drumming practice update:

Had to resort to the drum dampening pad today so as to practise some intricate drum strokes.

The towels don't provide enough rebound for that.

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