Thursday 30 October 2014

Wiring plan for row of six 12 volt street lights.

Turning my mind to manufacturing this pre-fabricated lighting plinth that will sit in front of the facade of the Gare du Nord, in the guise of a strip of pavement.

The lights have to be paired up in series in order to safely accept a 12 volt supply, and then the three pairs wired in parallel.

All of this wiring will be located underneath the thin strip of wood. That means a channel will have to be gouged out along the underside of the wooden strip so as to house the wires. I'm not sure how feasible a plan that is.

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A podcast called "Bass and Bleepcast" by Optimo and available from this website.

Last night's dinner:

Guinea Fowl

Bacon protection removed.

With a rather too floury gravy plus potatoes

Jam pudding and custard
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Still on the Kindle sample of this:

As diaries go, it's very readable but completely unrevealing.

So, off to the Mitchell Library, Glasgow to see if I can find an actual book to read.


Drumming practice update:

Continued with my deconstruction of simple patterns into even simpler patterns and practised and practised and recorded and scrutinised my efforts using my phone as a tape-recorder.


  1. mi Friends. have your plans of gare du nord? i m workings in the projects of constructions of the gare du nord -

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