Sunday 12 October 2014


More fiddling with the Lego facade of the Theatre.

Current situation

Removed yellow pelmet.

Removed yellow ridge.

Reinstated yellow ridge.

Affixed tricolors

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Downloading these monthly Optimo podcasts on Rinse FM has been a real boon - an endless source of pleasure. Especially since the podcasts now seem to have ceased.


Last night's dinner:

Unbelievably, despite the huge amount of effort I put into it, I forgot to take a photograph.

Basically, the recipe was from this book:

Instead of the recommended Hake, I used loin of Haddock. The plum sauce was to be made from Umeboshi plums:

 Which are more like dried apricots.

Which are then pickled in a very sour vinegar.

Anyway, I couldn't find a shop in the West End of Glasgow that stocked Umeboshi anything. So, I stewed red plums in a sweet and sour plum sauce from Waitrose and then poached the haddock in it.

The result was excellent. But, no photograph.

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Drumming practice update:

Determined to perfect the left hand drum stroke so spent an hour practising.

Found this quotation on the internet and completely concur with it.

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

When I think of all those weeks of practising in France during the summer, all I was probably doing was perfecting imperfection.

Never mind, it was a great experience which I fondly remember.


Went to cinema this afternoon.

Slept solidly through the first 40 minutes but still enjoyed the final 105 minutes. Preposterous and unnecessarily violent plot.

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