Tuesday 21 October 2014

Viessmann 60706 HO scale street lights

After drilling requisite 6mm holes, I installed 4 street lights outside theatre and street restaurant. I won't power them up yet.

2 lights remaining for use elsewhere.

Currently listening to:

3 different versions of Joni Mitchell's beautiful song, "A Case of You".

Herself 1971
Prince in 1983

Re-recorded by herself in 2000.

In 2011 Mitchell was voted the No. 1 female artist and "A Case of You" the No. 1 female song by listeners of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

Last night's dinner:

Chicken stuffed with anchovies and capers.

Stuffing revealed.

Currently reading:

Dragging a bit.

Drumming practice update:

Last lesson for a while from my regular tutor; he's off to Belize to teach and learn drumming.

Never mind, 2 hour drumming class tonight and solo lesson tomorrow with my Samba tutor.

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