Friday 31 October 2014

More wiring plans

I've abandoned the idea of gouging out a channel in the underside of the thin wooden strip in order to conceal the wiring for the 6 street lights: the wood is too thin.

The wooden strip

The wiring to be hidden underneath the strip

Probably, one could afford a much wider pavement in front of such a grand station facade (even if I say so myself). If I were to lay down another strip of wood in parallel with the first, but with a gap in between, then the wiring could be hidden in the gap.

Then the two strips could be covered with a thin layer of paper or acetate which would be painted to look like paving and that would obviously hide the gap too.

Currently listening to:

Auntie Flo.

This chap has the most distinctive accent: Rhodesian/Glaswegian is how I would sum it up.

Last night's dinner:

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry
At the Shenaz restaurant, Glasgow
Then home afterwards using our free bus passes.

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Drumming practice update:

Practised for an hour and a half, paying close attention to the overall sound and also the height of the sticks as they flew up from the caixa's skin.

Might get a pair of these boots for Christmas.


  1. Maybe you will get them from secret Santa this Xmas.

  2. perhaps "Decathlon" stock them.

  3. Talking about Decathlon, I will be wearing my last years secret santa present tomorrow, I have a lesson booked in the afternoon!

  4. Excellent - you really do lead a packed life. Be careful though.

  5. Gift very comfortable, may look for the boots at Decathlon for myself, all went well.