Thursday 16 October 2014

HO scale infrastructure - lighting.

At some point I'll have to get to grips with installing the remaining street lights. The whole process is a complete footer and I've been putting off tackling it for months. If only I could commission someone else to do it.

There are basically 3 sets of street lights still to be installed.

1) Some gas lamps in front of the row of card buildings. I've got 4 lamps but I think I'll need another set of 4. Unfortunately, they are out of stock at the supplier.

2) A row of 6 globe street lights in front of the station facade.

3) A pair of lamps in front of both the theatre and the yellow Lego building and then another 2 somewhere nearby to ensure decent overall illumination..

Before I can install any of these lamps, I have to be sure that the pavements have been sorted out - and, I'm not sure they have been.

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From the early 1980s, the German electronic group, Liaisons Dangereuses
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Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
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Trying out two sample autobiographies on Kindle.

Brilliantly written but not my era, Vera.
Can't believe she's 84 years old.

Drumming practice update:

Recorded myself drumming various patterns including some really simple ones. A very chastening experience - the actuality deviates from what I think I'm doing. But, self-criticism is the only way forwards.

Basically, the same old problem, my ghost notes are too loud compared with my accented notes. The ghost notes should, I reckon, be about 10% the strength of the accents: mine are nearer 80%.

I wonder if this would help.

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