Wednesday 1 January 2014

Parisian Night Life - HO Scale Style

Have added 2 more electroluminescent wires to the street to suggest one of these basement Parisian night clubs that one enters down through steps off the pavement. Once I have a couple of HO scale bouncers standing next to the entrance it will look the part.

A section of electroluminescent wire

Powered by a single AAA battery

Two hoops of electroluminescent wire marking the entrance to the night club.

The Full Monty

I'll have to tidy up the resultant wiring under the baseboard
Currently listening to:

I can't say I really like this kind of music; to use a modern term, it's "cheesy". There must be some decent French Samba music somewhere around. Anyway, this is all in the service of the sambafication of my musical sensibilities.

Last night's dinner:

Spouse-made chicken casserole

With boiled rice

Spouse-made Apple pastry concoction

With cream
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My latest cache of books from the library has proved disappointing - I have nothing to read.


Went to St Paul's, Whiteinch this morning - beautiful stained glass windows.

Then we cycled along the Clyde into town - the River was very high and covered the cycle path at one point.


  1. hi uncle tony jack here happy new year. just saying that this morning me and my dad went to rhu marina and jumped in the freezing water. found it hard to breath so hard to get some help from the lifeguards. but really glad I done it. jack

  2. You're a braver man than me, Gunga Din!