Thursday 16 January 2014

1 recycled bottle top = 2 HO scale canopies

The aim is to introduce some texture to my Parisian night street by adding some little canopies to the building.

Canopies such as these.

My first attempt at modifying a recycled plastic bottle top was surprisingly successful.

Sawed the top into two halves thus producing two canopies

Will stick them to building tomorrow.

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Dimitri from Paris.

He is in fact a Greek born in Istanbul who is also known as Dimitri from Tokyo. But he grew up in France.

Last night's dinner:

Pot roast pheasant and veg.
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An interior decorator, Haslam makes the point that a drawback with the minimalist style is that even a single piece of paper lying about makes the whole place look untidy.


I have just purchased an equally yellow one of these jackets.

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