Tuesday 21 January 2014

Model Railway Scenery - using internet images as a resource

For ages, I've been troubled by something in the facade of my ceramic church. Now I'm sure the problem has got something to do with the appearance of the centrally located rectangular stained glass window.

Basically, it looks rotten.

It occurred to me that rather than paint over it in some way, I could download the image of a religious icon from the internet, crop it to size and simply stick it over the offending rectangle of mess.

5 minutes later the job was done.

Image from the internet.

Printed onto a sheet of A4 paper

Stuck in position with Pritt stick

I honestly think the church looks much better now.
I used a Pritt stick because, in my experience, that adhesive does not lead to the paper curling or wrinkling.

Currently listening to:

Wall-to-wall Samba and Bossa Nova music.

Nara Leao

Last night's dinner:

A fry-up
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Bertrand Russell on Aristotle's theory of  "substances".


Hopefully the first of the Samba drumming classes should be running tonight - God knows what I'll be confronted with.

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