Sunday 5 January 2014

Little Dragon

Managed to wire up the pair of HO scale lampposts after yesterday's hitches. A few more hitches today with soldered joints coming apart beneath the baseboard etc.

I can't say I think too much of this particular make of model street lighting - the connecting wires are far too thin to solder easily. And, all the time one is just waiting for a disconnection to occur.

Anyway, the lampposts are in position. They do need to be hoisted up (they're telescopic) but that task which will also be finicky will have to wait for tomorrow.

Currently listening to:

Little Dragon on Soundcloud.

This group I came across by accident on Soundcloud this morning and presumed that they were new kids on the block.

Quite the reverse, they've been on the go since 1996 and have worked with Gorillaz and DJ Shadow.

They hail from Gothenburg and are VERY, VERY good.

How could I have not noticed them before?

Last night's dinner:

Cauliflower, tomatoes and haggis in cheese sauce.
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Off to the GFT on the bike to see this semi-animated film.

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