Thursday 23 January 2014

Constructing an HO scale French cafe.

Before I can install the lampposts along the side of the pink ceramic building (see yesterday's blog), the cafe furniture will have to be put in place; and before that can happen, I'll have to fit some LED lights underneath the striped canopy.

The pink ceramic building
The canopy under which the LED lights are to go.
A bunch of LED lights

A single LED light.
An impression of the cafe furniture and customers
I'm not sure how I'm going to make the cafe furniture; perhaps commerically made items are available.

Anyway, LED lights first.

Currently listening to:

Kwno by Jhno
On the internet, this is described as ambient/drum'n'bass/abstract music.

Last night's dinner:

Chicken stew and rice
Currently reading:

From yesterday's haul of library books I chose to start with this:

It's very well written and interesting. But, if you look at the photo below you'll see that the layout is one of widely spaced short paragraphs.

What I feel is that each paragraph could survive on its own - it doesn't really follow from or lead to adjacent paragraphs. In fact, you could shuffle the paragraphs and re-arrange them in any order at all and you wouldn't notice.

Still, each paragraph is an entertaining little gem in its own right.


I'm going to explore the possibility of uploading videos to the blog using this camera which I got for Christmas.

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