Thursday 9 January 2014

Brig o'Turk

No time for railway today - although I know what the next steps are going to be:

1) one more canopy outside a building in the night club street;

2) devising a more robust method for installing these slender little black plastic lampposts;

3) hiding the length of white vertical plastic ducting at the corner of the "Hotel de Paris" with model ivy.

The length of white ducting

The HO scale ivy.
I'll install a pair of lampposts either side of the hotel entrance before hanging the ivy in case when making the holes for the lampposts the drill gets tangled up with the leaves.

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The Gang of  Four
Last night's dinner:

In the oven, simmered the fish in water with a spoonful of white wine vinegar - very successful.

Sea bass, artichokes and grated cheese

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While eating

Drove to Brig o'Turk and then cycled the 13 miles around Loch Venachar. A miserable route - hilly, bumpy and no great views and took over an hour to get there along very twisty roads.

Nothing separating cyclists from this pair of horns.
Had to carry bike down to the shore to get around this tree.
One of the better sections of cycle path.
A rainbow.
A nice Scottish house.
Stopped for a banana.
On the way home stopped at this viewing point to photograph the back of a man.

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