Friday 24 January 2014

1/87 scale cafeteria furniture

I decided to explore the avenue of  buying ready made tables and chairs for my cafe.

Where the cafe is to be located.
A German company called Preiser manufacture all sorts of HO scale accessories.

Only the middle set of tables and chairs were available, so I ordered them - only £10.50.

In addition, - for about the same price - I bought from an English company called Scale Link, a sheet of laser etched HO scale cast iron tables and chairs which I presume one has to assemble oneself.

Couldn't find a picture of them assembled.

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More and yet more Samba music.

Last night's dinner:

Fish and potato stew
The contents were: mussels, cod, monk fish, sword fish, leek, shallots, garlic and little red skinned potatoes.

Ate half and froze half.

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Chapter 6 of Kim.

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