Monday 27 January 2014

Verdict on LED lights for HO scale model railways

Had a bit of a change of mind regarding lighting.

Whilst the LED lights are good for night club and hotel signs - as are electroluminescent lights:


For the intimate feel of a 1950s/60s French cafe, LED lights are too harsh.

eg the strong light emanating from under the canopies.

I think I'll try out a string of 12 volt pea or grain bulbs instead.


They have the same bulbs as are in the two lampposts that flank the entrance to the Hotel de Paris.

They provide a gentler light.

Currently listening to:

Because I'm enjoying Tracey Thorn's autobiography so much, I delved into the back catalogue of her first group, "The Marine Girls" using iTunes Preview feature.

Last night's dinner:

Anchovie and black olive tart.
Still massively enjoying:


Spent three hours being bored to tears at a Celtic Connections concert last night.

Celtic Connections is far too middle-of-the-road for my tastes.

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