Saturday 25 January 2014

Lighting up the canopy.

Before I populate the cafe with tables and chairs, some lights under the canopy will have to be installed.

Projected cafe.
A variety of five 12 volt flashing coloured LED lights were strung together.

LED lights

Soldered together and bound with masking tape.

Powered up.

Canopy in position

In semi-darkness
Currently listening to:

Rossz Csillag by Venetian Snares

Is Mr Snares a member of the Orange Order?
Last night's dinner:

Chicken Curry at the Shenaz Indian Restaurant in Glasgow.

Currently Reading:

This book's beginning to wane with it's continuous celebrity gossip - very well written, though.

So I turned to this one, which has a more serious content but is tediously written.

Fortunately, this book is well written and interesting and serious.


Today is the Feast Day of the Conversion of Saint Paul and after Mass this morning, we gathered in front of his statue and recited the Litany of Saint Paul.

In the early 1960s on BBC TV there was a gripping dramatisation of Paul's life called "Paul of Tarsus."

I remember it vividly (black and white, of course) and looked forward to each Sunday's tea-time episode. In particular, I was gripped by the episode which dealt with Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus. I've never forgotten that blinding light as Saul lost his sight and fell to the ground.

What I had forgotten though was that the part of Paul was played by Patrick Troughton who 6 years later became Dr Who.

Patrick Troughton as Paul

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